If you have an unhealthy tooth that also takes the beauty away from your smile, then it’s time to consider your dental restoration options. Fortunately, Dr. Tim Garofolo and our dental team offer dental crown restorations that can help with these specific issues.

To tell you a little more about how a dental crown works, our team will be happy to explain the process involved in placing the beautiful and strong dental cap.

When starting your treatment, Dr. Tim Garofolo will numb your mouth and prepare the tooth that is receiving the dental crown. To prepare the tooth, he will shave the tooth’s outer shell to make room for the cap.

Once the tooth is shaped correctly, your dentist will make impressions of your tooth and the surrounding teeth in your dentition and will send those impressions to a professional dental lab. The lab technicians will use those impressions to create a dental crown that is perfect for you. While you wait, you will be given a temporary crown so you can still use that tooth if needed.

When your new crown is ready and sent back to our office, your dentist will remove your temporary crown and will make sure your new crown is perfectly made for your smile. Your dentist will do so by checking the size, color, and shape of the new crown. If it exceeds expectations and has no issues, your dentist will secure the crown over the tooth with dental-grade cement.

For more information and details about dental crowns, or to find out if a dental crown is the right treatment for your smile, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call at 858-451-2555 and talk to a member of our dental team. We are happy to schedule you an appointment at your earliest convenience so we can examine your smile and see if this is the best treatment for you. We look forward to hearing from you!