If you ever had a bad experience at a dentist’s office as a child, you may harbor feelings of dental anxiety or dental phobia. Dr. Tim Garofolo and our team at The Dentistry Collective in San Diego will do everything we can to help you enjoy your visits to our dental office in San Diego, California. Here are some suggestions you can use to help manage your dental fear.

Discover the true cause behind your anxiety. You may have heard that “the first step in solving a problem is admitting it exists.” The fix for your dental phobia may differ depending on its cause. After we have identified the stem of your fears, we will fine-tune our treatment plan.

Bring along someone you trust. Our patients who experience dental anxiety often visit our office with someone they can trust. When you sit near a loved one, you can experience a soothing reassurance that’s not possible any other way.

Soothe yourself with a distraction. Whether music, magazines, or books, media can distract your mind during a dentist’s appointment. Filling your head with your favorite songs or an interesting book will distract and relax you before your appointment begins.

Let us know about your dental anxiety. We ask our patients to let us know if they experience dental anxiety. We try to be sensitive to all patient needs, and we will make an extra effort to refine your treatment plan once we know that you experience dental phobia.

Try sedation in our office. We are happy to provide our patients sedation solutions during visits. Many patients with dental phobia or dental anxiety find that sedation can be a great way to calm themselves during visits to our office.

Have you ever experienced dental phobia in San Diego, California? If yes, call us now at 858-451-2555 to schedule a visit to our relaxing dentist’s-office. We will provide you gentle, professional treatment to ease your fears.