Do you ever take the time to improve or enhance your tooth brushing routine? If you have not worked on your oral health care habits recently, especially to upgrade them, the time has come to take a long hard look at your tooth brushing routine. Even though brushing is only a small part of your overall oral health care, it is still a crucial one that should be done every for at least 2-3 minutes per session twice every day. No matter the oral health care methods, techniques, and routines you employ, it is always a good idea to look for ways to improve your oral health care.

Before selecting a toothbrush for use, speak with your dentist to find out which type would work best for you. You are welcome to consult with our dentist about product suggestions or recommendations. Stay away brushes with hard bristles, as they can harm your gums or be too abrasive on sensitive tooth enamel. If you cannot lift and use your traditional brush easily and effectively, consider switching to an alternative cleaning utensil such as an electric toothbrush.

When two or more individuals live together, toothbrushes often get stored together, so cross-contamination with toothbrushes can easily occur. Sadly, this is an easy way for bacteria to be transferred between individuals and toothbrushes, and should be avoided at all costs. To avoid these issues, always keep your toothbrushes safe and stored alone and standing upright in a clear area. Furthermore, avoid storing toothbrushes in enclosed areas or spaces with little to no ventilation, as it can lead to mold and mildew, which can find their way to your brush. Remember that your brush will be placed in your mouth, so for effective oral hygiene, do everything you can to keep it clean.

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